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Welcome To The Freak Show

With Halloween right around the corner, we are sure that the holiday event planning is on the way. If you happen to be hosting this years Spooky Soiree, we hope that you will be able to use some of these helpful tips and tricks to wow your friends and family.

Whether you’re throwing a sit down dinner party or a casual costume party, American Party Place offers a wide array of linens, china, and centerpieces that can bring your masterpiece to life!

When it came to choosing a theme for our showroom table we wanted to go beyond the traditional black and orange color scheme. After throwing a few ideas around, we decided that A Freak Show Circus theme was the way we wanted to go, focusing on the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s big top while also throwing in some spooky Do It Yourself details. Complete table settings, gold detailing, and traditional champagne flutes helped us get the look that we were going for.

When planning on your own it’s important to remember that once you have a solid base, the real fun comes in… adding detail to your table!

Using our Candy Buffet Jar Set is an excellent way to add dimension and color to any table setting. By sticking to a color scheme it will be easy to incorporate specific colored treats that your guests will enjoy. We decided to vary our desserts, we added licorice, caramel candy, gum balls, and even popcorn! – Which the Rats sure seemed to enjoy!

Another aspect worth noting is the look of the stacked china, the Syracuse Dinner and Bread & Butter Plates on top of one of our Gold Charges gives a much fuller and pleasing look for any event. Adding a Satin Black Napkin added contrast to the Creme Colored Plates and helped us incorporate black DIY name tags for each setting. – We decided to give our guests something to laugh about!

With the convenience of renting most, to all, of your materials from one location, American Party Place, you can be sure your guests will be left in awe of your setup and more importantly, that you will have that extra time to find the perfect costume!

Until next time, A.



Chairs: Black Resin Padded // Linen: Satin Red Table Cloth; 18k Gold Sequin Table Runner; Satin Black Napkins // Chargers: Gold // China: Syracuse // Flatware: Abbey Gold // Glassware: Traditional Champagne Flutes; Zombie; 13 oz. Cabernet Wine // Decor: 30” Onyx Tabletop Candelabra; Candy Jars

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