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Setting the Mood

Getting engaged is such an incredible milestone, but we understand that with all of the planning that is involved it can become an overwhelming process! Our goal at American Party Place is to help make your rental experience fulfilling and efficient. Our showroom gives our customers the opportunity to create their ideal table setting. With a wide array of linens, china, accent and décor pieces, we are your one stop shop for all of your party planning needs!

Whether you are planning something small and intimate or completely surprising your special someone with a full blown engagement party like my fiance did, one of the most important elements that you can control is the lighting. Lighting goes a long way in creating a romantic ambiance, from Candles to Chandeliers and everything in between American Party Place offers a large selection of options for any and every budget.

Cafe String Lights are fantastic for illuminating spaces of any size, they can be hung to run down against a wall to serve as a backdrop or strung up in the air to create the illusion of a much more intimate space.

Votives and Vases are an excellent way to incorporate the warmth of candles into your setup. Mix and match different sizes and colors for depth and dimension.

For more information about our in store Votive Collection, reference Amy's blog available here!

With engagement season quickly approaching alongside of the holidays, it is important to prioritize your time. This being said, our APP staff can help give you peace of mind as you prepare for one of the greatest moments of your life!

Until next time, A.


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