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Ultra Violet

Pantone’s choice for the Color of the Year went to “Ultra Violet”, a bright purple that takes command of any tablescape. While Ultra Violet might be a bit too loud for your wedding or event, here are some ways to incorporate a more toned-down version while still staying on trend!

One way to incorporate a brighter purple might be through dessert! Macaroons are a treat that can often be many colors or shades.

Cupcakes, even layers of cake can be dyed shades of purple! This way, your color choice stands out, but is not the focal point of the whole event.

Bridesmaid dresses come in so many shades, ranging from lavender to eggplant. Dressing your ladies in purple can add another element of color that will compliment your palette! We are now seeing bridal gowns picking up light purple shades as well, and they are gorgeous!

When adding purple to tables, I love using it as more of an accent color rather than a full table linen. The combination of a neutral with a louder purple color can really make it pop on a table. Here are some examples of purple being used with our rentals!

If you want a hint of a violet hue, uplighting can bring the violet haze to your event! On walls, tents or backdrops, our uplighting is bright and can transform a space with color.

So if you are trying to be in trend this year, remember there are alternatives to the bright Ultra Violet! Muted lavenders and amethysts can really make your event gorgeous while adding hints of color that will awe your guests. Give us a call if you’d like to experiment with some of our purples in our showroom!

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