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Chambers Bay Wedding Showcase

We had the pleasure of being invited this year to be the Co-Sponsor of Chambers Bay 2018 Bridal Showcase with Jen's Blossoms. Every year, Chambers Bay invites vendors to come display their services for brides from both Chambers and the Environmental Services Building to check everything out. Couples are able to sample food and drinks while talking with potential vendors and seeing the amazing views of the golf course.

Every year, we get the chance to put together four tables that will display some of our new products, while showing what other options are available. We partnered with Jen of Jen’s Blossoms to create amazing centerpieces that really showed off the table. Paper Luxe also provided menus and table numbers to jazz up the table.

For the first table, we wanted to showcase what is included with Chambers’ wedding package. They have their own flatware, plates, and glasses, which come with a basic polyester linen. A white linen was paired with poppy napkins, as well as a tiered trio from our inventory.

The second table was themed “Outdoor Elegance”, which showed a satin Cafe linen with Dusty Rose napkins. This table also highlighted our new Pink Carousel Goblets and glass gold-rimmed chargers. The lantern centerpiece with lavender flowers from Jen really made the table have a romantic feel!

The third table’s theme was “Foraged Forest” in which Jen played up the greenery and moss to create an elegant and sultry feel. The Champagne Nova linen combined with the sage satin napkin complemented each other well, giving a perfect example of a neutral color palette with a pop.

The final table’s inspiration was “Classic Garden” - Slate Nova was combined with a classy white floral centerpiece which matched well with the white square plates. Jen used a piece of leather to tie all the napkins, which added a moody, edgy feel to the tablescape. Our Carousel Blue goblets provided a tone-on-tone vibe which added to the glam!

The sweetheart table was a perfect place to showcase our new lit backdrop! Sheer curtains dazzle with twinkle lights to give the couple a romantic setting.

This event kicks off the summer weddings - we are excited to see what all the couples will come up with for their big days!

Thanks to the amazing vendors that helped with this event!

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