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Specialty Favors

Wedding favors serve as a symbol of gratitude by the newlyweds toward those who have shared in one of the most important moments of their lives. It can be difficult to decide just what favor or keepsake is worth handing out, as even a small memento can become a costly expense depending on the wedding size! Whether it's a sweet experience during the wedding reception or a take home favor, here are a few ideas that are bound to peak your interest!

Our inventory of Concession Equipment provides a wide selection of DIY wedding favors ranging from salty to sweet!

If you are looking to incorporate an additional touch to your wedding reception, the Sno-Cone Machine or the Chocolate Fountain are a great way to please your guests!

A couple of ideas for out the door favors include using the Popcorn or the Cotton Candy Machine to prep to go containers or bags for your guests. Adding a personal touch such as a custom sticker or note really makes a difference!

Regardless of your decision it is important to remember that the gesture is what matters and that regardless of the favor, your guests will appreciate the thought!

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Sno-Cone Machine // Chocolate Fountain // Popcorn Machine // Cotton Candy Machine

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