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This past July, I had the privilege of throwing one of my best friends a bridal shower before she got married. This bridal shower was unique in the fact that her number one request was to just be able to relax! We brainstormed and came up with a slumber party themed shower, where guests would come in their pajamas, grab some food, and relax with games and a movie!

We used the projector and screen outside, along with our blowup furniture to create the outdoor movie space. The popcorn machine added to the movie theater feel, and the candy jars created a great treat center for snacks before the movie!

I also wanted to create a drink station that would be lots of fun for the guests, so we put together an Italian Soda Bar! The girls would pick their syrup, and add whatever kind of seltzer they wanted to create a fun drink. The glass drink dispenser was great to make an easy way for guests to pour the club soda, and the champagne sequins added a glitzy touch!

The shower went off without a hitch, and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. The inflatable couches were a big hit as they were great for lounging on during the movie and games. The outdoor movie setup was completed by putting lights in the orchard trees to create a moody atmosphere. This themed bridal shower was great for guests feeling comfortable, but the bride feeling special at the same time!

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