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Finding The One

When I say the One, I don’t just mean the perfect partner, or the perfect dress… I also mean the picture perfect venue! As funny as this may sound, the location is a huge part of your wedding day. It can impact the type of decor, the theme, even the actual wedding date and everything in between! Whether you are planning an intimate backyard soiree, or a lavish ballroom style affair here are a handful of the tips that my Fiance Erik and I found most helpful when choosing our Wedding Venue for next July!

1. Knowing Your Guest Count One of the biggest factors in choosing a venue has to be the guest list! The longer the guest list, the larger the event space needed. Having a guest count in mind will make visiting venues much easier, you will know what additional questions to ask and it will also give you the opportunity to visualize the set-up ahead of time.

2. Keeping Track of Your Budget When creating a budget, it is important to consider every detail associated with each portion of your wedding. For example, does the venue have a ceremony space or will it only serve for your reception? Will your venue allow you to bring in outside catering services or do they have a preferred vendor list? Is there a corkage fee? What rental items will you need to bring in to make the space more complete for what you have envisioned? All of these factors come with additional costs, for this reason it is vital that you are not only thorough but realistic about what you can and cannot add onto your list.

3. Considering What Is and What Isn’t Included

Are the tables and chairs included in the price? Do you have to be in and out the same day? Or can your rental company deliver the day before and pick up the next business day? There are many venues around the South Sound that greatly range in price, it is important to compare services and added perks not just focus on the number as scary as this may sound! A low price tag on a venue rental can increase dramatically if you have to bring everything in yourself! Be mindful of all potential expenses!

4. Staying True to your Vision Finally, do you and your partner “click” with the venue and its staff?! If you can truly see yourself in THAT venue enjoying one of the happiest days of your life then it’s meant to be! The moment I stepped into our venue of choice it took my breath away and I knew that it was the place that we had to celebrate in... Another to-do checked off of the list!

We wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect wedding venue!

Always, A

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