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November NACE Meeting

Our local NACE (National Association of Catering and Events) chapter hosted their monthly meeting at the Tin Can Alley by PJ Hummel and Co. It is a converted can factory with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and an open concept. As we walked in the ambiance was set by the jazz muscian Emmanuel del Casal. Catering was provided by ACT 3 Catering. The menu was a tribute to Anthony Bourdain and showcased some of his favorites form around the globe.

We had the privilege of getting to hear from King Dahl. King is a former executive director of Event Design for MGM Resorts Event Productions in Las Vegas. As an aspiring event planner, seeing the creations he has been a part of in creating was absolutely breathtaking. I would like to share a few major things that stood out to me that he shared with us. 1. LAMSTAIH- Look at More Stuff Think About It Harder Inspiration is all around us, it presents itself to us in ways that we don't always expect. We can find it in other's work, architecture, the seasons colors, nature, in anything really. Dahl encourages us professionals to continuously look at more things and creatively think of different ways to implement this inspiration into all aspects of your event. One can even be inspired by something they've already once created, it is okay to build on old ideas! Revamp them into something new or morph it into something totally different!

2. X to the 5th Power Develop the eXpertise to create eXtraordinary eXperiences and eXceed customer eXpectations. “I believe in 100 percent collaboration with my team, whether in the studio or with my creative partners from all disciplines of event production. I speak to groups throughout the world on building a high-performing event team, and I live by the principles of empowerment and collaboration. I never design totally alone.”

3. The 5 Focuses of an Event - Lighting and Video Lighting and video is an impressive way to take any event to the next level. Technology has allowed this aspect of events to evolve from the use of simple uplighting to being able to project videos onto almost any surface, even suspended bars from the ceiling. - Food Display Food is the main reason people go to events, yes it is true! If there was anything from the videos of Dahl's event that continuously stood out to me was the extravagant food displays. At the meeting, the food displays at each station were super cute! We had a dessert tee-pee, a modified camper and a seafood boat. *insert pics* - Entry Wow the guests as soon as they walk through the door. We want to create an element that will give them something to talk about the moment they arrive. One of Dahl's signature entry pieces is a red metal tree, which they have transformed into different for a few different events. - Human Element Incorporating the human element into events creates a more inviting personable environment. Whether it is performers dangling from the ceiling, models passing out fancy cocktails or the dancers performing on stage it adds bodies to the room so those first guests don't feel awkward about being the only ones at the party. - Jaw Dropping Center Piece Wowing the guests as soon as they walk in at the entry is important, but keeping their attention all night long is even more important. This continuously keeps the guests eyes and constantly gives them something to talk about throughout the night.

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