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Common Event Industry Lingo

Planning events can be stressful and confusing, especially when you start working with the professionals who start using words that make it seem like a whole other language. Here's a a guide to some of the basics to help you be able to follow along better, or to help you stand out when meeting with vendors!

American Party Place: The one stop shop for all your event rental needs!

Banquet Tables: A standard rectangle table, typically 6ft or 8ft

Bar Back: A bookcase, rack or shelving unit placed behind the bar used to display glassware, bottles etc, more often used to add another more decorative element

Belly Band: A wrap around your wedding invitation, typically provides a great spot for a monogram seal. These aren't necessary, but have become a very common way to elevate the look of the invitation

Boutonniere: A small floral arrangement pinned to the lapel of a suit jacket

Bustle: It gathers up extra fabric or a train with buttons or string to keep the hem of the gown from dragging on the floor

Chafing Dish: A metal pan with an outer pan of hot water, used for keeping food warm

Charger: A decorative plate/base setting on top of which other dinnerware is placed

Contingency Plan: The back-up plan, a document has a crisis management plan containing what to do if an emergency occurs

Delivery Window: A time frame we use to help determine our delivery schedule. In order to create this window we take these things into consideration: when you need the rentals by, what the earliest time we can arrive at the venue, the end time of the event, when everything needs to be out of the venue etc.

Event Insurance: Liability insurance, can cover damages, overtime fees, etc. For our rentals we have a “damage waiver,” it is an optional charge which covers any damage or breakage to any of your rentals through us

Flatware: Synonymous with Silverware, but we tend to use “flatware” when the forks, knife, spoon aren't silver

Force Majeure: A clause most venues include to prevent them from being held liable should they not be able to hold up their end of the agreement due to circumstances that are not within their control

Glassware v. Stemware: One in the same! Glassware tends to be more general and encompasses cocktail glasses and goblets while Stemware is usually associated with wine and champagne glasses

Gobo: A stencil or template placed inside or in front of a light source. The customized design is projected on a wall or the dance floor for all to see. Couples tend to use their monogram or date as the base of the design.

Highboys v. Cocktail Tables: Bar height tables, ones that people stand at or use bar stools

Load In/Out: Just another term for Delivery and Pick Up

Maid/Matron of Honor: A unmarried/married head bridesmaid. They are typically in charge of planning the bridal shower and the head of the Bachlorette party planning

Palette: Describes the range of colors used in an event, wedding, or design

Percolator: A machine for making coffee in large amounts.

Pipe and Drape: The frame and decorative panels used to cover up unwanted parts of a venue or create a backdrop; also known as “draping”

“Plus Plus”: tax and gratuities when not included in the price per person “++”

Quebbie: Our “DJ-In-A-Box.” It is loaded with about 10,000 songs which are updated monthly. You can select pre-made playlists based on style/genre, search by song/artist, or create your own playlist.

Stanchions: An upright post that holds a rope to create a barrier

Sternos: The flames that provide heat under the chafing dishes

Tableware: The whole set up; includes glassware, china, flatware

Tent Liner: Fabric that is installed in the ceiling of the tent to cover all the poles

Uplighting: A small portable light box that is used to bring light (often colored) into a space; usually shined up on a wall not just in an open space

Urn: A vessel or vase that is typically on a pedestal and is used to hold flower arrangements. In our inventory, they pair well with our Roman Columns

Vellum: Heavy, transparent paper that is often used as an overlay on a wedding invitation

Votives(s): A small and decorative ornament used to hold a tealight. This is a simple way to add extra décor to a tablescape without using a lot space.

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