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Halloween: Where Spooky Meets Sophisticated

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time for smiling pumpkins, phantasmal ghosts, and hot apple cider. But what about planning that perfect Halloween party? Your guests all enjoyed the costume contest and the tasty monster treats at your party last year, but maybe it’s time to step up your Halloween preparations for your most memorable party yet.

With the right colors and décor you can create the spooky yet refined atmosphere your Halloween party has been craving.

On this table, a full set of linens and dishes transports its guests into Dracula’s castle to dine with the vampire himself. Our velvet red crush linen creates a compelling base for black chargers and napkins. Countless candles evoke an old-time feel often associated with Halloween. Dramatic martini glasses capture an ambiance of contemporary horror with their modern design featuring sharp defined lines. Simple details from the party store such as ghoulish eyeballs and sinister spiders complete the eerie ensemble.

There are many combinations that make a perfect Halloween table setting. I often find it easiest to put together my party decorations after I’ve decided on a primary linen. In this case, the velvet red crush tablecloth jumped out as a perfect base for the atmosphere I wanted to create. Some of our other favorite Halloween linen colors include aubergine, acid green, and pintuck black. Whatever base you choose, there are plenty of ways to creatively dress up your Halloween table with china and linens to create a sophisticated yet spooky atmosphere for your party.

Feel free to check out our catalog or stop by our showroom to get started on planning your next spooktacular event!

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