Deciding On Your Color Scheme

After your venue has been picked and the date settled on, the next question on the agenda might be, “what are my colors?” This can either be a very simple question, or one whose answer changes multiple times. No matter what, this is your wedding! You can choose whatever color you want. However, there might be certain factors that can help with making your decision easier!


Take a look at what time of year you are getting married, and seek inspiration from it! If you are getting married in Autumn, you might use deep maroons, burgundy, mustard, or orange tones to reflect on the harvest time of year. In the winter, icy blues, silvers, and whites are always a win!

Color of the Year:

In the wedding industry, we are always super excited to hear what the Pantone Color of the Year will be – and usually its pretty on trend! Pantone usually puts together some great color schemes that go well with this color, so check it out!

Favorite Color:

Think about what color you like most and use that! Don’t be afraid of a bit of color. If the color you love is a bit bright for a full length linen, use it as your napkin color or accent color in your centerpieces.


Maybe you’d like to incorporate a theme into your wedding? Some people play off of books they love, movies that inspire them, or subjects they are passionate about. If you love travel, maybe doing a different color for every table inspired by a location you’ve visited is the answer!

There are lots of ways to narrow down what colors you are using, but no matter what, chose colors that you love! You want your pictures to spark joy for many years to come! If you have any questions, our showroom is a great place to decide what colors you like best - and we are happy to help!