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Pipe and Drape

When it comes to thinking about décor options for your wedding the list may seem never ending. As the receipts start to add up brides quickly start to re-evaluate what is necessary versus what is important. Most people wouldn't know where pipe and drape falls on that list, and more often than not it gets pushed to the lower end of the totem pole in regards to priority. Pipe and Drape has 2 connotations to it: it is super outdated or this mystery item that no one knows what to do with.

So for those of you wondering, “what is pipe and drape?!” It is a structure typically 8-14ft tall that holds panels of fabric.

Some of you may just be thinking why would I want to just have straight curtains hanging around my venue? Well, pipe and drape has come a long and there are plenty of ways to style it to make it a statement piece. Some hang string lights behind the draping to add a little twinkle. Some hang beads to add shimmer and glitz. Some layer the draping to have two different colors. The creative opportunities are endless! Here are a few ways you can incorporate pipe and drape:

- Cover up unsightly areas of your venue space or create room dividers - Photobooth backdrop - Backdrop behind the head table or sweetheart table - Add softness or color to a space

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