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The Little Details

Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most. But when it comes to planning a wedding it's easy to get caught up in the big picture: the venue, the food, the music—the list could go on. But what little details might make all the difference to your guests on your big day?


Something as simple as giving your guests another option to drink can accentuate the welcoming atmosphere of your event. Not every guest will opt for coffee, but those that do (particularly older guests) will appreciate the thoughtful gesture prioritizing their comfort and preferences.


The value or necessity of wedding favors is a hot topic for discussion today. After all, the happy couple is already paying for their guests to eat, drink, dance, and have a good time! While some might say that favors are an unnecessary expense, I would point out that there are ways to make favors personal and inexpensive. I attended a wedding this summer that really exemplified this. During the cocktail hour, the couple personally greeted their guests as they handed out favors: a handwritten note (specifically for each guest) with a small decorative key. The key, they explained, represented their invitation welcoming people into their home and into their new life together. Although not everyone may have the patience (or the time!) to hand-write notes for every guest, there are other ways to thoughtfully commemorate your wedding day for your guests. Each couple is different, so a little brainstorming may be the key to coming up with the perfect wedding favor for you!

Thank you cards

The wedding isn't over when the bride and groom head off to their honeymoon. Thank you notes may be “outdated” in some circles, but not when it comes to an event that friends and family have poured themselves into helping make a reality. The wedding guests are the people you've invited into your life to celebrate an exciting new chapter. They’ve come to celebrate you and they’ve brought gifts too! A thank you note doesn’t need to be complicated or long. Just a simple note to show your guests that their presence and their presents are appreciated.

The big things are important. Without a venue, there’s no wedding. Without the music, there’s no dancing. As someone who’s been to a few weddings, I can say that these are some of the little details that I take with me beyond the the wedding day.

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