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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is approaching at an alarming rate. It's the season of football, turkeys, and time with loved ones. Each year here at American Party Place, we too gather around a long table as a staff for a full Thanksgiving meal before we head home to spend the holiday weekend with our families. It is in that same festive spirit of time spent together that I'd like to take a moment to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions among the American Party Place staff.


Whether it's playing or watching, football is definitely a favorite Thanksgiving tradition around the office. Mavric and Dani both enjoy watching football on Thanksgiving, but Dani takes care to turn on the Cowboys game to root on her team every year. Amy prefers to turn off the game in favor of participating in Gig Harbor's annual Turkey Trot. Whether it's a local run or a football game on TV, sports can be the perfect warm-up to a delicious Thanksgiving meal!


Another Thanksgiving highlight is often gathered around a television screen. From the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to the National Dog Show, Amy and I especially enjoy the festive atmosphere of TV traditions. Once the parade performances and the dog shows are over, my family settles in for Christmas Vacation. Amy's family opts for Miracle on 34th Street or Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Thanksgiving marks that transition from fall festivities into Christmas celebrations, and there's no better way to make that transition than movies with friends and family.

Favorite Dishes

Nothing says Thanksgiving like delicious food! I’ve found that the most beloved dish among our office staff is mashed potatoes with all the fixings. Dani's home is filled with the aroma of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole during the holiday celebrations. Mavric looks forward to his family’s garlic mashed potatoes, while Amy enjoys her dad's famous crock-pot potatoes alongside her homemade stuffing and rolls. My family's Thanksgiving meal looks a little different because of my family’s turkey allergies. Instead of turkey, I look forward to a big juicy ham paired with creamy mashed potatoes smothered in my grandmother’s world-famous gravy. It is clear that family traditions have an impact on Thanksgiving dishes, because Paul showcases his Italian heritage when he makes his mom's stuffing recipe with sausage, veal, and parmesan! Amy expresses her Swedish heritage in her family’s sour beans dish—a mouth-watering combination of green beans, vinegar, and bacon. If food brings people together, then Thanksgiving definitely brings us together at APP with all this delicious food we have to look forward to!

From the decorations and food to the football and movies, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite excuses to get together and celebrate. From our homes to yours, our team at APP wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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