New Item Feature: Wisteria


Trendy colors are exciting. They tend to be eye-catching, bold, and out-of-the-ordinary. But every so often a color emerges that is both timeless and fashionable. As I’ve been watching wedding trends for the upcoming season, I have completely fallen in love with mauve’s endless possibilities. What other color can simultaneously look both new and nostalgic? All at once creating a modern tablescape, while also recalling the elegance of a late nineteenth century ballroom?



This season, American Party Place is excited to announce a new color to its linen family: wisteria! This whimsical color manages to conjure a subtle yet bold tone in nearly any setting.



Paired with neutrals, it creates a romantic look too lovely to go out of style.



Navy or slate blue combine with wisteria for a modern yet sophisticated aesthetic.



For a captivating ombre look, wisteria pairs well with aubergine, lilac, plum, and other purple tones.


For a color that is both dazzling and demure, try our new wisteria color for your next event!



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