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Easter In Quarantine

This year, Easter will be looking a bit different for us, as all will be celebrating from home. Even though we might not be able to gather as we usually do, it doesn’t mean our Easter celebrations can’t go on in some way!

Spruce up your dining table:

Taking out the yearly decorations brings a sense of normalcy and tradition - something most of us are longing for right now! Even though our showroom is closed, you can still rent plates, flatware, and linens to create a beautiful tablescape. We have noticed that many grocery stores in the area are limiting their fresh flower selection, so try using greenery or flowers that grow around your local community! If you are needing some decor, Amazon is shipping items that are in stock within 2-3 days, just be sure to look at the delivery date before you buy!

Have an egg hunt:

Even if you don’t have children at home, hunting for eggs can still be tons of fun! If you are hunting with adults, try filling eggs with money - silver dollars and interesting coins can be fun! You could also fill eggs with notes, or get larger eggs and fill with mini cocktails!

Dye Easter Eggs:

Even if you haven’t dyed eggs since you were a kid, there are many unconventional ways to make those eggs sparkle! Shaving cream is a super fun, but maybe a bit messy, way to dye your eggs! If you fill a baking dish with shaving cream, take food coloring and drop colors wherever you like! Then roll the eggs through the colors and let them sit. After 20 minutes, wipe off the shaving cream and you will have a unique and fun egg!

Order out for Easter Dinner:

What better way to support a small business that could be struggling during these times than to order your easter meal through them! There are many catering companies and restaurants that are doing full Easter brunches and dinners that would be so appreciative of your support. This way you can also sit back, relax, and enjoy more time with your family.

Here are some local companies that are offering Easter meal options!

Even though we are in a very unsure, unsettling time, there are still ways to make normal happen. You can still enjoy traditions, just put a few twists on them and you are on your way to a fun holiday despite it all!

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