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A 21st Birthday at Home

A few weeks ago, my sister in law Sarah turned 21 years old! We had talked about this day for a few years and how she wanted to celebrate, but then COVID-19 came and changed everything. Originally, we were going to be in Oregon for a family member’s wedding, where we would all go bar hopping and have tons of fun, but of course the wedding ended up getting rescheduled and we were stuck at home. After doing some brainstorming, I came up with a plan to turn my house into a bar/club scene and try to still make the most of it!

On Friday, the crew came to drop off all my items. The no-contact delivery went smoothly, as all items were placed by my front door. I rented a dance floor, prize wheel, chocolate fountain, bar, and martini glasses for the party.

Sarah had mentioned that there was a bar in Spokane she had been looking forward to visiting that had a drink wheel you spun to make ordering drinks more fun! I was able to write drink names on the wheel with a whiteboard marker, and it made the party a blast!

We also needed some sustenance so the chocolate fountain provided a unique and tasty treat! It was low maintenance, and provided yummy fuel for dancing on the black and white dance floor! I put the dance floor together with the help of my husband, and it was quite simple. All we had to do was clip the 3x3 pieces together, add the edging around the outside, and we were in business!

Our 6 foot portable dry bar was also a simple set up, as it came with clips to add the skirting to the outside. The martini glasses completed the display and made the mixed drinks all the more fancy!

Even though it was only spent with family we had been quarantining with, the party was still a fun time for all. Lots of laughs, wacky dancing, and a sequined beer pong table made for a memorable party for years to come!

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